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A new phenomenon, placentophagy, has taken the United States by storm. Placentophagy is the concept of consuming the placenta after giving birth to a child in order to receive specific health benefits. Controversy has ensued over whether or not the placenta is actually beneficial to mothers. The pro-argument states that placentophagy is in fact advantageous. An article from American Pregnancy, entitled “Placenta Encapsulation” explains that the basis of placentophagy relies heavily on anecdotes from mothers who have tried out the procedure and supported the practice. Another article from the website Placenta Benefits explains under their health and wellness tab how exactly consuming the placenta can be valuable. The page has a list of all the benefits, including related articles that go into further detail on a specific subject. Annette McDermott explains in her article that a study was done on one-hundred and eight-nine participants, and seventy-six percent said they experienced positive results when consuming placenta. Yet another article by Michele Zipp also mentions the previously mentioned study, and says that more studies will be conducted in the future. It also mentioned that mothers who had another kid would continue to consume the placenta, and in different ways, which suggests they had experienced positive effects. One last blog from whattoexpect talks about the positive effects of placenta ingestion mentions facts about the placenta, such as the fact that it

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