Believing In God Has It's Many Reasons

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Week one 1. Believing in god has it's many reasons. Some of them has to do with spiritual or universal Force. People would like to have the faith that there is a purpose to this world. If the believe of god did not exist then the purpose of life seems meaningless. God gives humans a purpose of living in this harsh world. As a society we would like to have the hope that there is an ultimate power that humans cannot imagine. People like to believe that there is something that created the earth, the moon and everything that surrounds us. Coming from a strong religious family, I learned to believe that there is a purpose to life. I do not want to imagine that I am only alive so I can eat or work to survive. I like to believe that everything was created by something or someone. For example, a table was created by human, so the question of who created humans then comes to mind?. However, many people believe in god because they want something in return. They like to believe the existence of great power that hears their cries and their prayer. People believe in god because they believe in there is someone that exists that provides their humanly needs such as food and shelter. People want to have the believe that something exists that provides them even though we cannot see it with the human eyes. For example, If a mother prays for her sick son, and the invention of medicine of medicine comes through then that mother will believe that higher power heard her prayer and…show more content…
People who believe in god argue that the creation of earth is not something that spontaneously happened. They also use god to explain the many fascination that exist in the complex of human body and animals that scientist can never explain or duplicate. Others believe in god because they were raised to believe from their family. Children will believe in what they were raised and this notion can continue from one generation to the
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