Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmet Essay

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Bell Vortex motorcycle helmet
When looking to buy products, I consider a number of crucial factors ranging from safety to performance and affordability to user-friendly features to the visual appeal of the product. Going through a large number of available helmets online, initially I chose the ones that held the highest appeal for me. The Bell Vortex motorcycle helmet outdid all others in the visual department. Reading up its customer reviews online, I decided to order one. Upon receiving it, I took the helmet on a long bike ride and was so impressed upon using it that I decided to write a review.
The helmet is extremely stylish and looks great on whoever tries it, if it fits them well. I ordered a black one but it is available in …show more content…

The liner is removable and can be easily washed; plus it is antibacterial. The integrated speaker pockets can be used to make the most out of your bike riding experience. The face shield is easy to maneuver and is fast and smooth. The shield had been coated to make it fog and scratch free and UV resistant. The helmet is DOT and Snell certified, so you can be sure about its safety and comes with a five year warranty.
What I liked
Many features make this Bell Vortex motorcycle helmet my favorite.
First would be its elegance and visual appeal and the number of designs you can choose from. There are literally so many good-looking styles, you might feel conflicted. I did too and simply went for a black one. For me, nothing beats black.
The helmet is really affordable. In such a price, it would be hard to find so many exceptional features in a helmet. It’s worth every penny spent, maybe even more.
The comfort it provides is simply outstanding. It has to be the most comfortable helmet I have tried. The liner and interior padding works really well. It’s easy to wash as it is removable.
The ventilation system is really effective. Initially, I thought it would be a hassle to operate that, but it really isn’t. The mechanism is simple. Read the instruction manual carefully, give it a few tries and you can do it in a breeze. You can use it to adjust the air flow and temperature to your liking.
I loved that the face shield doesn’t fog or

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