Analysis Of Football Helmets

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Elyjah Edmunds

When it comes to pricing our products it will basically be ranged upon each helmet and the amount of helmets the customer wants to wrap , for instance helmets ranging from 15-25 would cost $25 each , 25-50 is $20 each , 51-75 helmet wraps would be $15 each , and 76-100 will be $12 each . Our price of the helmets will vary upon the customer's satisfaction therefore if the demand is high we will increase the initial price of a helmet but if the demand is low then we will decrease the amount , it all depends on our customers and how they take in our product , also on our competitors and how they go about pricing their products this is when competitive pricing will come into play for example if our competitor is raising …show more content…

In my opinion another reason we are set different then other companies is our competitive pricing and how we go about it , in order to establish the right competitive price for our product we need to take into account our product life cycle and the stage our product is in . Different from our product Some companies have to use competitor based pricing, as often price is the only factor customers consider while buying a product and the switching cost for buying a product from two different stores is very low. However, in many cases like software, competitor’s behaviour or data shouldn’t be the central factor for determining prices. There are numerous other variables that need to be considered in this case. With the help of one football team using our vinyl wrap this hopefully in the long run can lead to our product being on many other teams helmets and eventually a whole league could benefit from our product. This would mean our demand would rise dramatically which would mean we would have to have more in

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