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Oftentimes, one can get too caught up in familial matters or personal issues, and as a result, something as simple as providing another with love and value can be long forgotten.Both novels take place in Ohio during late 1980’s to the early 1930’s. In Beloved, the protagonist Sethe continuously mentions how she wishes her mother would have put more effort into their relationship.. Most days, Sethe would only see her mother for one or two hours. Her mother was always busy working in the hot and musty rice field. Sethe felt like her mother never really loved her and did not care much for her well-being either. Sethe expresses her sadness: “Sunday’s she slept like a stick. She must of nursed me two or three weeks - that’s the way the others did. …show more content…

This quote shows that Sethe never had the opportunity to feel her mother's compassion or affection, more commonly known as a “mother’s love”. This love is often personified in a mother who will lay down her life for her child. It is known as a selfless sacrifice. Sethe’s mother was always working and never had time to spend with her, let alone time to nurse her. One could say Sethe’s relationship with her mother was non-existent, Sethe constantly reminds herself how she felt abandoned when she was younger. She had to be nursed by Nan, a women who’s job was to breastfeed children of the whites as well as other fellow slaves. “Nan had to nurse white babies and me too because Ma'am was in the rice. The little white babies got it first and I got what was left. Or none. There was no nursing milk to call my own" (Morrison, Beloved, 200). Put differently, Sethe did not have the opportunity to create a special mother-daughter bond that most mothers create with their child, to ensure the child's protection and enrich their development. Therefore she was not given a shot to be a real daughter to anyone, she had no support or love from the only family she had, which was her

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