Beloved by Toni Morrison

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Beloved is the character who lends her name to the title of Morrison’s novel, isnt really a flesh-and-blood character at all, she’s is a ghost. It is this fact that makes the presence of the character a symbol in terms of her effect on the narrative and the other characters so profound. For a ghost, Beloved exerts a ton and control over most of the characters, affecting nearly every part of their lives, their ability to live in peace, their ability to love one another, and to move on with their lives.
Toni Morrison suggests, it is not embodied in flesh and blood, she “lives” among the cast of characters and her presence, she creates among the characters a persistent discomfort and discontent. It is a profound impact that Beloved has upon Sethe and her family when Beloved is introduced early in the novel and, as stated early on, “‘We have a ghost in here,” “Not evil.. But not sad either”(13). “‘What then?’” one character asks, trying to understand what presence Beloved holds and what affect she may have on the characters. “‘Rebuked. Lonely and rebuked,’” and “‘Mad, maybe….’” (13).
As the you learn more about Beloved’s history in this novel, the fact is that she was killed at the hands of her own mother, you begin to understand how Beloved’s ghost can show such a wide range of feelings and how the burden that everyone carries is a heavy one. The ghost represents more than Beloved herself; she is a symbol for everyone in slavery. Although Beloved’s story is particularly

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