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This draft is weird.

That's the first thing I would like to note in all of this, and the first thing I would like to be noted in the future when anybody might happen across these rankings with eyes full of hindsight.

All drafts are weird, but this one is especially weird, I promise. There is just one truth that has remained self-evident throughout the entire process: Ben Simmons is the No. 1 guy (and this class was decidedly not created equal).

Now, far be it from me to excuse away my markedly stupefying rankings of some players with this reasoning, but at least understand that I am not exactly vain with regard to my rankings. I am simply warning you beforehand - it's an inexact science. I approach every ranking (and reapproach it dozens of times) objectively and with a clean slate in my mind--as if I have never written a word about any of them and as though I am going through the exercise for the first time ever--every time.

This {excuse} also works well because this piece is coming from me after a near-three-month absence from LibertyBallers, and one almost as long from Twitter (the NBA Draft community as an entirety): I am coming into the exercise with a rejuvenated mindset.

Now, without any more idle delay, allow me to get right to it:
1. Ben Simmons - PG/PF, LSU

Ben Simmons is one of …show more content…

I should not really have to say more than that, but, alas, tomfoolery is alive and well. Ben Simmons looks dangerously close to my personal idea of 'the perfect NBA prospect' - a 1) very tall (but not too tall that it diminishes his athleticism), 2) extremely athletic 3) primary ball-handler who 4) shows excellently in every imagination of 'basketball IQ' conceivable, 5) sees the floor and delivers passes on the level of tippity-top point-guard prospects, 6) gets to the rim and 7) to the free-throw line truly at will, 8) defends excellently up through the 4 and 5 positions, and, finally, 9) rebounds the shit out of the

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