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“Ben & Jerry’s – Japan”
Assignment 2

1. Which way would you recommend B&J enter Japan: with Mr. Yamada or with 7-11? Support your answer with rationale.

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages for Ben and Jerry’s to enter the Japanese market with Mr. Yamada or with 7-Eleven Japan;

Entering Japanese market with Mr. Yamada:

Advantages: * Ken Yamada was a third generation Japanese American from Hawaii, with his excellent marketing skills and knowledge of the Japanese market and consumers he had successfully introduced Domino’s Pizza chain in Japan. * Mr. Yamada would position the brand, form and executive an entry strategy, and will take care of marketing and distribution for Ben and Jerry’s well into the future, …show more content…

* 7-Eleven will not help Ben and Jerry’s in the marketing of its products, making Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream one of the many brands carried by the convenience store. * Ben and Jerry’s will always have the risk in case 7-Eleven terminates its contract and stop buying its products due to low sales. French ice cream manufacturer Rolland is an example were 7-Eleven terminated their contact due to inadequate sales. * 7-Eleven required Ben and Jerry’s to change its package size from the regular 473ml to120ml personal size, which required Ben and Jerry’s to spend additional $ 2 million. * 7-Eleven also wanted to provide its own design for the package and the package won’t have a photo of Ben and Jerry on it. All this is against what Ben and Jerry’s is known for. Looking at the advantages and disadvantages it will be preferable if the company enter the market with Mr. Yamada. The company had already done such deals in other countries like Canada and Israel and had been successful. Entering the Japanese Market with Mr. Yamada will give Ben and Jerry’s both local market knowledge and an experience partner, making its entry into the market smoother. Ben and Jerry’s biggest issue of not having a solid marketing plan for Japan will also be solved by the partnership with Mr. Yamada. The deal has its drawbacks but considering the advantages it will be a better option compare to entering the market with 7-eleven.

2. Is

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