Bend It Like Beckham Character Analysis

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Family unites and brings people together. In contrast, it can also chain people down with rules and regulations, caging them in with familial obligations. While most would not complain or fight against being molded into their parents’ desires, some stray away from these influences, abandoning these duties to discover their own happiness. In the production Bend It Like Beckham, the protagonist, Jess, struggles with the reason why it is important to abandon family obligations when it conflicts with one’s personal desires.
Jess has the desire to play soccer, but her parents’ wish is for her to conform to Indian traditions. She starts playing on their team after Jules, one of the players, complements and urges her to play on a team most well known for their competitiveness and multiple accomplishments in the soccer world, for example, winning the tournament in Europe. Once Jess earns a place on the women’s soccer team, she is encouraged by her new found teammates to continue to defy her parents’ desires and continue to play on the team with them. The decision to go against Jess’ family obligations subjects her to being labeled immodest and straying away from a traditional women’s role in Indian society. Jess’ mother wishes for her to adhere to Indian traditions so she prospers into a good wife, instead of playing a game most often looked upon as a boy’s sport. Furthermore, she tells her daughter to stop continuing with her ongoing rebellions and resorts to forcing Jess to learn

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