Benefits And Complications Of A Mechanical Ventilator

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Throughout the 1940’s in America the use of Mechanical Ventilation known as a “Vent Machine” has been used to sustain life. There is evidence that suggests millions are put on a ventilator each year. A Mechanical Ventilator is a method to mechanically assist or replace spontaneous breathing. Also, it delivers a positive or negative pressure directly to the lungs. In addition, breathing may be assisted by a respiratory therapist, registered nurse, physician, physician assistant, paramedic, or other suitable person compressing a bag or set of bellows. Benefits of mechanical ventilation is to sustain or improve ventilation, maintain tissue oxygenation, and decrease the patient work of breathing. However, numerous complications may transpire …show more content…

(Anzueto) Mechanical ventilators deliver the force needed to distribute air to the lungs for patient with ventilator failure. Mechanical ventilation redistributes blood flow from functioning respiratory muscles to other vital organs. The lungs primary function is to add oxygen and to remove CO2 from the blood passing through the lung’s capillary bed. The lungs are comprised of a million alveoli (bunches of grapes) clinging to each other and emptying into the bronchiolar tree by the tributary network of airways eventually emptying into main bronchi and trachea. There are multiple modes of mechanical ventilation support that provide air to the patient based on pressure, flow and volume. Although lifesaving, mechanical ventilation can be associated with life threatening complications, including air leaks and pneumonia. I. Effect of multimodality chest physiotherapy on the rate of recovery and prevention of complications in patients with mechanical ventilation: a prospective study in medical and surgical intensive care units.
Pattanshetty & Gaude (2011) identified mechanically ventilated patients have an increased risk of complications leading to ventilation weaning more difficult resulting in excessive morbidity and mortality. Chest physiotherapy plays an important role in management of ventilated patients. However, these techniques have been studied on

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