Benefits And Disadvantages Of Services For Children And Adolescents

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Researching Childhood
Macdonald, W., Bradley, S., Bower, P., Kramer, T., Sibbald, B., Garralda, E., and Harrington, R. (2010) ‘Primary mental health workers in child and adolescent mental health services.’ Journal of Advanced Nursing, Vol: 46(1), pp.78-87

The article that will be critiqued is a study conducted to find out the process of implementation of primary mental health services. The author completed this study to develop understanding: about the advantages and disadvantages of services for children and adolescents. The motive for this study was down to previous research suggesting, 15-20% of children and adolescents suffer from emotional disorders (Fink et al, 2015). Macdonald et al (2010), alleged mental health care systems …show more content…

The anti-rational approach leaves only a slight room for criticism and reflection (Strimpel, 2008). The researchers followed the exploratory approach, as they previously carried out a study so they had already confirmed their outcome, however, this study looked further into it by asking participants what they think. The exporter approach allows flexibility in experiments, and confirmatory use pre-specified designs, and hypothesis (Kimmelman, Mogil & Dirnagl, 2014). Exploratory studies, support confirmatory, as it precisely produces’ methodologies to support the researcher 's hypothesis (Kimmelman, Mogil & Dirnagl, 2014). If the author carried out this study, they would have followed the rationalist approach to get the insider perspectives of others, rather than the outside facts of child services. Correspondingly, following exploratory approach as it provides new information the author had not previously researched, improving future outcomes for services, by offering new ideas for services.

The findings of the data were valid as it captured what their aims were (Hardicre, 2014), nevertheless, the participant 's knowledge limited them to answer current service provisions, therefore, the findings cannot be an accurate summary of what is available. Using semi-structured interviews were a suitable way of getting data from participants as they were able to answer ‘most’ of the questions to the best of their knowledge,

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