Benefits And Harms Of International Education For Both Home And Host Countries

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According to Ninnes and Hellsten, the international movement of student or academic staff between countries. It can be understood as the international link between nation states, governments or institutes to achieve better education program. (Ninnes P. & Hellsten M. (eds.), Internationalizing Higher Education, 120-121). The International Education has grown strongly in Australia for the last few years. At the same time, it has a direct impact on Australia and home countries such as China. Based on the research, this essay argues that there are some benefits and also harms of international education for both home and host countries. This essay first shows what is the Internationalisation. Then, it gives information about the benefits and …show more content…

A plan that involves the interests of Australia 's “soft diplomacy” Colombo Plan. This plan has funded foreign students in Asia to study in Australia. Plans is to be created from 1951, and by 1985, this plan has trained about 40,000 students. Many of which have achieved significant accomplishments, achieved leadership positions in not only the industry but also the government, especially in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. After planning Colombo, Australia began providing international long-term education. Currently, Australia has a network of approximately 2.5 million international students from many diverse fields at the university (Byrne & Hall, 2014). These students are the people that have contributed to long-term support and important for Australia as they have achieved a leadership position in the industry and the government. Found that Australian students should be encouraged to study to reinforce soft diplomatic interests, the Australian government has created a new plan to support Australians to study and long-term studies. Countries such as the United States has recognized the potential benefits of international education, the United States made comments that they would double the number of students in 2018 (ICEF Monitor, 2015). International education also provides benefit about knowledge sharing, one of bilingual employees, which can be generated by international education, can contribute to bringing

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