Benefits Of A Chocolate Bar

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Every time you enter a grocery store to pick up whatever items you need for that week there is always that one treats at the end of your shopping experience waiting for you, chocolate. There’s dozens of different types of chocolate bars that are there for your choosing. From Hershey’s, to M&M’s and even mixed peanut butter chocolate treats. All of these chocolates are even conveniently low priced for your affordability, after all its only chocolate. The thing most people don’t know is that this chocolate isn’t just produced in some factory in America and shipped to your local grocery store. America alone consumes 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate a year. Farming the cocoa is a struggle for workers, these workers aren’t properly noursihed, they’re going to wars within their country, being underpaid and worst off all some of these workers are slaves. The process that goes into the production of a chocolate bar is very laboring and most of the western world doesn’t know how hard people are working to deliver them they’re favorite treat. A lot goes into a bar of chocolate. From the ingredients to the workers to the packaging and shipment the process is very involving. The first ingredient in a chocolate bar is the cocoa, followed by cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, as well as milk, sugar, emulsifying agents and vegetable oil. “Emulsifying agents” help solidify fats and water, besides being in chocolate these agents are also in mayonnaise, ice cream, salad dressing, artificial egg

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