Benefits Of A Good Dentist

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When I was six years old, I needed to have a tooth pulled. The dentist had my father leave the room, then, as I kicked and screamed and fought, he proceeded to restrain me with one hand, while he held a black anesthesia mask over my face with the other. I woke up with a mouth full of bloody gauze and an intense fear of dentists. For many people, finding a good dentist is a hard task because of past bad experiences. I often tell people that I 'd rather give birth than go to the dentist. Since I have seven kids, born naturally, I know from which I speak. I also know that it is possible to find a great dentist, and while I am largely over my phobia, I would have no compunction about switching dentists if I felt that the one I was seeing did …show more content…

A Good Dentist Will Help You Heal A good dentist will do everything in her power to make certain that you heal, not only from your procedure, but from your past. She will nurture you as you come to trust in her ability, caring about your personal experience as much as she cares about your teeth. A good dentist is worth his weight in gold teeth. Ask friends you trust for recommendations, and remember that, since you are paying him, you are the boss. If you do not feel at home with one dentist, keep looking until you find a good fit so that you are not left worrying about good fitting dentures in the future. Conquer Your Fear of the Dentist I have always been that person who has prided in having the least number of doctor visits in the family. Dental hygiene is something that I had been taking for granted all of these years. I can say I have never been to a dentist...till now. I never thought a toothache could hurt so much! Here are some tips and tricks I had taken when I selected my dentist and hope it would help you, too. 1. Get a doctor who is close to where you stay You never know when you may need to see the dentist and at what time of the day. Getting a dentist close to where stay or work would be more convenient for you. You wouldn 't need to go far off to see a dentist....Especially when you are in a great deal of pain. 2. Consult with your friends as to who are their dentists It is always good to check with

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