Benefits Of A New Allergy Medicine

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After conducting a research experiment to find the benefits of a new allergy medicine, it has been discovered that Wilf Whitmore had made a simple error in his calculations of the dosage used. The dosage Whitmore was using was ten times bigger than what he had thought. This error was discovered by Whitmore’s professor, Dr. Sparrow, who is the only who has discovered the error. There are many different things, both good and bad, that Dr. Sparrow could do to handle the situation, but if she choses not to do anything she is making a very unethical decision.
Some of the things that we know to be true are that Dr. Sparrow had a few doubts about Whitmore’s understanding of science and his scientific abilities. It is shown that Dr. Sparrow had reasonable doubt due to the fact that Whitmore had indeed messed up the experiment. We also know that many other people had doubts about the potency of the drug. This is due to the fact that it was so efficient at the low doses Whitmore had originally claimed he was using. Another fact given to us is that Whitmore had left because he was nervous about his career in academic research and decided to leave the scientific field to pursue an education at law school. Lastly the most important fact that we know if that WHitmore definitely messed up his calculations and was using a dose that was ten times bigger than what he had thought. This is incredibly important because it throws the entire experiment off and falsifies the results.

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