Benefits Of Academic Writing

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When you think of academic writing, what do you think of? Is important that you first learn how to write in such a way that will convince the reader that they understand what you are talking about. Academic writing can serve as a communication tool, as well as play a role in your higher education career. It is my personal belief that the benefits of academic writing far outweigh the disadvantages. There can be some hindrances, but only if you do not review and edit your documents. But fear not, for I hope to explain the benefits of academic writing in an easy to follow way. There are three main components of writing. There is purpose, tone, and audience.

First off, you want to know what you are writing about. Doing research helps, and gaining knowledge in your subject is paramount to writing a good article, book, or any other piece of writing. When you are writing, someone may ask you a question about the writing, or what you mean by a certain passage in your writing. Knowing the purpose of why you are writing and what you are writing is a good idea. Then the question comes down to, what do I want my reader to know? Is it informative? Is it satire? Is it to entertain or explain? When you answer that question, tell your purpose. There are four purposes in writing: To summarize, analyze, synthesize, and to evaluate. Including a summary at the end of your writing reiterates what your subject is about. Analyze all the information to be sure that you know the subject. You want

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