Benefits Of College

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Grady Harrison Wade is a businessman who went to colege to learn what he know does. Wade says with out college, he wouldn't be the person he is today. Mr. Wade also says that when a person has college degrees, it can help them later in life. Grady feels that it is very necessary to go to college, because of the technology today constantly advancing and in need of improvement., “ The technology is limited to our use of education.” College is very important in part in life. It is when you advance your knowledge further than ever before. In order to become well educated,as said in the quote, people must be educated, because human kind is in need of improvemnents of technology , therefore college is necessary.

Although college is a wonderful
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College helps to maintain independence after high school graduation and it helps to mature in life overall. In college you living with a roommate will be difficult.. Preparing people for life in the big world, college is beneficial for your future and beneficial to your present as said earlier(social confidence).. Helping to handle your money, manage a schedule, and balance them with all of the classes and work, college is a great independence teacher, therfore college is a very good thing.Showing how to manage life and how to spend life with all of the education learned, college is one of the best things to prepare anyone for life.Preparation for the outside world is provided by the college. “College is a major part in life, it shows you to be independent, work hard, and keep moving forward,” (Craig Newmark, September…show more content…
Independence is shown in college in many ways including money, living quality, and many other ways. Family will take pride in thier student if they go to college. Social Life will flourish in many ways, including making a lot of new friends,becoming more social, and learning how to cooperate with others. Many people support these ideas, since they also agree with many other ideas involving college importance.. Now is the time to take action and go to college. It is beneficial in ways you would never have known and in ways you do know becuase of the information you have previously read. College will change the life of the student and others around them, for the better, making it
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