Benefits Of Eat Less Food

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1. Eat Less Food The first way to live longer is to eat less food. People eat for enjoyment so they try to stuff all of the food that they can into their belly. Find other ways to become fulfilled and happy. Studies with different animals showed that when they fed the animals less than they wanted to eat, they lived longer. Probably the best measurement for quantity of food is calories. When you eat plant foods, they have fiber, unlike animal foods. Fiber helps the body to prevent many health problems and it has no calories. Also another way to eat less is to take vacations from eating. This is known as fasting. So instead of trying to eat less everyday, every once in a while go a couple of days without eating. Some of the people that have fasted include Jesus, Moses, Mahatma Gandhi, Pythagoras, Buddha and Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln even created some national days of fasting. 2. Do Exercise The body was designed to do work and that is how people used to get their exercise. Exercise is needed by the body to operate properly. An exercise like yoga can help you to be happier, eat less, be more relaxed, be more agile and improve all areas of your life. By reducing stress it can even help you to live longer. It can be done right inside of your house without any equipment. An exercise like weight lifting or resistance training helps to keep people from losing muscle that happens when people age. They do not look thinner since they also gain fat. Also exercise can help
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