Benefits Of Exercise Essay

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Benefits of exercise While doing my research, I found this website that is extremely helpful and it has a lot of information that I need to know about the benefits of exercise. There are tons of benefits that we can get from exercise. It will help our bodies to become stronger, healthier, and stay in shape. It does not cost us anything or one cent to work out. We can work out almost everywhere, like at home, gym, track, and sidewalk. Exercise makes us healthier in a lot of way. It makes our body stronger, and reduces the risk of getting diseases. A lot of people are happier when they are more physically active. A lot of people like to work out and to enjoy the view of nature at the same time. They …show more content…

Exercise can increase the blood flow in our body and it provides more oxygen to our skin and it makes our skin looks better. “And the better the blood circulation, the less likely one is to suffer from sexual dysfunction” ( Exercise also can make our sex life better. We all want to get a lot of benefit from exercise. A better muscle, less stress, increase self-esteem, healthier digestion, lower cancer risk, a better shape and more are all the benefits we can get from exercise. Medicine costs a lot of money and it sucks to be sick a lot when we are not in shape and when we are not working out. It’s the best for us if we just spend about thirty minutes each day to do work out. The result that we will gain from working out are awesome.

Benefits of exercise This site gives us about thirteen reasons why exercise is really good to us. This site talks about how exercise gives us many benefits to our health. It makes us resistance to disease, cancer, and stress. It does not list every benefit that exercise can give us, but it lists a lot of the main reasons why exercise is really awesome. It also helps people to control their addiction.
It makes get distracted from drugs, smoking, and alcohol addiction. It also makes our body feel really good after we finish working

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