Benefits Of Exercise

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Some of the different effects and benefits that training has on the heart are: 1.) The heart will get stronger because of the exercise, which is making the heart pump blood through it faster by making the heart work at its maximum. Making the heart stronger means that each beat increases to 80 millimeters per beat. 2.) The cardiac output (the amount of blood ejected from the heart per minute) increases. When at rest, the heart approx. increases from pumping 5 liters to 40 liters per minute. Muscular activity is one of the factors that affect stroke volume. When you are training your stroke volume increases as well. When you first start exercising the heart rate rises quickly. When you finish exercising your heart rate declines faster than usual.
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Increasing physical training also decreases the risk of getting a heart disease because if you continue working out your heart will work better with less strain and it becomes easier for the heart to pump blood.
I think that it is important that coaches, physical educators and fitness professionals have a basic understanding of energy metabolism because ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is what stores and uses energy. Exercise scientist should also have basic understanding of ATP because ATP is a source of muscle contraction. The food we eat is stored in our body to make ATP. When we do physical activity the body releases that ATP.ATP is also the only source of energy used directly for muscle contraction. ATP is extremely important because the body needs to make sufficient ATP to be physically active and to work to the best of your best of your potential. Therefore, our metabolism plays an important role when we are doing exercise or any
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