Physiology Assignment

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Physiology Assignment Physiology Assignment Short term responses One short term response when playing basketball is when your face starts to go red, this happens because the body gets too hot and it tries to cool the body down by bringing blood to the surface of the skin to let some heat out and the skin also produces sweat to let out heat, therefore the skin surface goes red. Another short term response to physical activity is that your breathing rate and heart rate increases, the reason this occurs is because the muscles are being made to work harder and as a result of that the muscles need more oxygen so therefore you need to breathe in more oxygen and breathe out more carbon dioxide to keep the muscles going. Another short…show more content…
The increase in oxidative capacity is achieved by an increase in the number of mitochondria (An organelle found in large numbers in most cells, in which the biochemical processes of respiration and energy production occur.) within the muscle cells, an increase in the supply of ATP and an increase in the quantity of enzymes involved in respiration. Another long term change that occurs due to training is that the heart gets larger; the result in the change is due to increased stress on the heart. The extra work of pumping blood against the increased pressure causes the heart wall to thicken over time, the same way a body muscle increases in mass in response to weightlifting. A long term change in the cardiovascular system as a result of training is that the resting heart rate gets lower, the cardiovascular response happens because a person that has been training for a long time has a lower heart rate because through exercise, they have a stronger heart; meaning that an athlete 's heart can pump more blood and more oxygen out with one pump than a non-athlete 's heart could. Another long term response in the cardiovascular system is that the blood supply increases, this change is due to your body needing more oxygen because you are exercising, your muscles and all your body organs are needing more energy and oxygen, this is because your body is working more than usual. Your body needs to do many things such as sweat, which helps you cool down, and to
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