Benefits Of Matcha

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What is Matcha?
Matcha is a Japanese word that literally means powdered green tea. The Matcha green tea originated in Japan, however, it is believed that the first green tea seeds were from China. The seeds were brought to Japan in 1191 A.D, and then planted on the temple ground in Tokyo by the Monk Eisai, who introduced the Zen Philosophy to Japan. Eisai was the first to grind and consume the powdered green tea. And since the entire leaves are ingested in powder form, Matcha is considered to be the most potent green tea across the globe.
In Japan tea traditions, Matcha is much more than a drink. It has been an integral part of Japanese culture as it used in celebration of the profound grace and beauty of simple things in life — the extraordinary in the ordinary. In a quiet celebration where Matcha tea is the focal point of a ceremony, it provides a great bonding experience of respect, mindfulness, as well as focus on the now.
Why is Matcha more beneficial than other green teas?
Matcha is considered to be more nutritious and healthier than other varieties of
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Put simply, Matcha offers much more benefits and, therefore, a better option than any other version of green tea.
Effects of High Demand for Matcha
According to the Grand View Research, the global demand of Matcha was valued at USD 2.62 billion in 2016, and the market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.6% from 2017 to about 2025. The high demand for Matcha has led to mechanization, high productivity, and unfortunately the production of low-quality Matcha. It, therefore, it means that if you want to buy the right Matcha that will offer the desired health benefits, you’ll need to know the main differences between a high-quality Matcha and the one that isn’t up to bar.
Well, check out the following tips to buy just the right Matcha:
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