Benefits Of Mindfulness Based Training Course

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Follow-up research into the perceived benefits from the mindfulness-based training course found that counsellors participation in mindfulness-based therapy had an overall positive impact on both their personal and professional life. Results suggest the training course had associated benefits in the subjects’ personal life, particularly personal growth/self-care and interpersonal relationships. Firstly, within personal development/self-care, results found participants noticed physical benefits including increased flexibility, energy and circulation. Recorded emotional benefits included a greater sense of emotional control and reduced anxiety. Some participants added that the continuation of mindfulness-based practice allowed them to reduce self-criticism. Increased intellectual abilities participants recorded included a greater ability to focus on a particular thought as well as developing an open mind. Participants also recorded an increased sense of awareness allowing them to be more conscious about their physical and psychological well-being. Here, the results suggest that the mindfulness-based course does lead to increased well-being. Further research into the physical and psychological domains is required due to external factors that may also influence participants’ well-being. Additional results in relation to the mindfulness-based intervention on interpersonal relationships all recorded improved well-being. Subjects were reportedly able to better relate to others.

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