Benefits Of Raising The Wage In Pdx

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How to raise the wage in PDX:

First we will have to convince the business owners of tipped workers, ie. servers, bartenders, and valet services. The President supports raising the minimum wage, but nationwide, hopefully to $10.10 per hour. The problem is the republicans in congress keep delaying the process.
In Portland, business owners are worried that raising the minimum wage will make the Portland tourist industry drop.

One way to raise the minimum wage today, not tomorrow, is by petitioning by marching in public for your cause. In this situation, you would gather group of people and create some way of spreading the word of raising the minimum wage to passers bys. You would then march down the street, spreading the word about minimum wage change. Another way to raise awareness about minimum wage change is to have a group of people sign a petition explaining to elected officials that this is what you want, and we hope you will support us in raising the minimum wage.
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We must make sure that the small franchises, that may only have a small amount of workers, aren't put out of business by financial change. The line is split directly down the middle, one half saying that the minimum wage should be raised and the other knowing that if the raise happens, many small businesses will collapse with the financial
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