Benefits Of Syntax Highlighter Plugins

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Every coder follows the standard coding practice to add amazing features to websites/blogs and make them more functional. Are you a new coder? Do you want to add nice looking code snippets in WordPress sites without any difficulty? If yes, you can easily do this with the help of Syntax highlighter plugins. Using these plugins, you can easily customize the codes and add them to your websites/blogs/articles. There are many Syntax highlighter plugins. Have a look at top 10 options:

1. Enlighter

Enlighter is an easy-to-use syntax highlighting plugin, which allows you to perform full WordPress visual editor integration on both the backend and frontend of your site easily and quickly and meet all needs of your clients/customers when it comes …show more content…

After some times, it pushes them back with highlighting at the end. As a result, the source code is formatted and highlighted.

4. Smart Syntax

When you use the Smart Syntax plugin on your website, it automatically adds Google prettify syntax highlighting to the fenced code blocks in both content and comments. The plugin is created by keeping the Jetpack markdown in mind. Therefore, it fetches the power of markdown extra to WordPress websites and facilitates you to have an easy-to-use markdown syntax for fenced code blocks.

5. CodeColorer

As clear with its name, this plugin highlights the code snippets in a post. As a matter of fact, it makes use of the eSHi highlight system and supports all important languages. It highlights syntax in RSS feeds, comments, and line numbers. It has various color themes, such as Railscasts, Vibrant Ink, Twilight, Slush & Poppies, Blackboard, Dawn, and Mac Classic. Right now, the plugin is available in 25 + important languages.

6. AH Code Highlighter

If you want to maintain simplicity on your website, then you can use this plugin. It supports MySql, Xml, Mathml, Clike, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Apache, Http, Sess, Lass, Markdown, and Nginx. Just install and activate the plugin on your website and start wrapping code snippets in the documented tags.

7. Prismatic

This plugin gives you 3 options to display code: Prism.js, Highlight.js and Plain. The first two make use of

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