Benefits Of Working A Four Day Work Week

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The idea of only working a four-day work week sounds appealing to most people and I don’t blame them for liking the idea. The idea brings upon great benefits like, saving money on commuting costs, companies will save money on operating expenses, and many more things that can catch your attention. It all looks great on paper or when you hear it on a television special showing how people are enjoying life in countries that have adapted this work ideology. For many of us that do work a full time job, working an eight hour day is tough as it is. When asked to stay for a an hour , usually you’re not going to be as productive or carry a high morale as you did in the previous dreaded 8 hours of work. It’s hard to imagine being able to enjoy doing that for four consecutive days a week working a ten-hour workday. Like many things they seem great on paper, but only time and results tell the dark truth of a doomed idea. Recession makes people think about how money is spent and how certain budgets can be managed. The four-day work week in Oakland County which is right outside of Detroit, MI was a plan in reaction to rising gas prices. About 450 employees signed on to this idea to avoid a pay cut, they were also saving money on not having to commute a day out of the week to work which is an environmental benefit also. Oakland was not the only place to try out this idea. 17,000 state employees in Utah were scheduled to work a trial program which consisted of them only working Monday
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