Benefits Of Workplace Diversity

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Diversity is a very broad concept that focuses on the differences of an individual being while understanding and acknowledging those differences and having a communal agreement between one another. There are many different dimensions of diversity that are expressed in a society including gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, race, ethnicity, social status, linguistic and so on. Diversity is also a globally important subject that everyone needs to be well perceived in order to maintain or create a harmonious and civil environment. Like the expression, “Everything has two sides,” diversity has both negative and positive effects on the society. However, a diverse community can bring more benefits and opportunities to a society than the challenges and uproars. Diversity is beneficial and crucial at the same time to a society whether be it at a workplace, school, community or beyond because without it, our living world wouldn’t even exist in the first place.
Having a diverse workplace can remarkably benefit the company’s economy in many ways. Workplace diversity essentially means the workplace is heterogeneous in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, in which employees acquire specifics elements and qualities, varying from one another (Buckingham 1). Unlike like the centuries ago, many employers and managers are now seeking the diverse set of employees in their companies or organizations because they believe a diverse workplace helps improve the performance of the company.

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