Beowulf And Tipling's Definition Of A Real Man

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A real man is defined by great men as a person who puts others before himself, firm in his convictions but accepting of others, isn’t concerned with meeting societal stereotypes, learns from his failures and does not whine about his complaints and his brave.A real man is also defined in Beowulf, Kipling’s “If” and Connor Beaton’s Ted Talk. Kipling defines a real man as one who is brave while Beaton defines a real man as one who has emotional resilience.Beowulf’s definition of a real man is similar to that of Kipling’s and Beaton’s. The author Rudyard Kipling defines a real man as a person who is brave. He talks about how to become a real man. Kipling defining a real man says, “If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,/ But …show more content…

Connor Beaton, the Ted Talk speaker defines a real man as one who has emotional resilience. The speaker at this point talks about the expressions and emotions of a real man. Beaton lamented, “Being taught that self expression is not what real “man” face today”( Beaton 00:56). Beaton talks about the bitter truth faced by men in today’s society. Men are not supposed to show self expression and are supposed to be tough and strong to be able to withstand any problems and that is being resilient . Self-expression is not for a real man and is only for women . Men can not express themselves in today’s society and Feminism isn’t the death of today’s society . A real man is not supposed to cry or sing as it is only for women in today’s society. This in today’s society defines gender socialization and its effects.The effects are that people expect something from a person but if a he/she does not deliver the same impression, the person is not considered the same and is treated differently.Similarly, Beaton says that a person is a real man if he is emotionally suppressed. Beaton exclaims, “ Emotional suppression creates a culture where men avoid emotion almost entirely. A culture where we stop talking about the truly important things in our lives , a culture where brotherhood and true companionship is discouraged ”(Beaton 09:00). Men according to the society are supposed to be tough and are supposed to

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