Bernard Kroger Company Swot Analysis

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Kroger Company (NYSE: KR) was founded in 1883 by Bernard Kroger and is one of the largest grocery retailers and the second largest private employer in the United States. Headquartered in Cincinatti Ohio, Kroger employs over four hundred and forty-three thousand employees in the United States [1]. Since their founding in 1883, on Bernard's initial investment of $372, Kroger Company has expanded to over two thousand eight hundred locations and possesses annual revenues of over one hundred and fifteen billion dollars [1]. Bernard Kroger was not afraid to think outside the box and provide products in a way that other grocery stores were not. In order to offer customers a better value for their money, Bernard Kroger began to manufacture his own products, including bread and sour kraut. The decision to create products effectively made Kroger Company the first grocer to utilize private label products and have an in-house bakery. Bernard Kroger continually sought out ways to further increase his profits by creating more of his products in house. According to Kroger's website, this manufacturing process initially bolstered to increase profits, became the backbone of what is today one of the largest manufacturing operations in the United States [1].
By 1902, after a period of remarkable growth, Kroger Company had increased their annual sales revenue to over one million and seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars from forty

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