Bernard Malamud The Natural Analysis

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Throughout the semester we have read a variety of books with different themes. One book that really caught my eye was The Natural by Bernard Malamud. It was a book on how the sport of baseball really impacted a life and how it helped him understand the way of life. That is why I chose an article written by Kent Cartwright and Mary McElroy called “Malamud’s “The Natural” and the appeal of baseball in American culture. The title of this article caught my attention because we all see baseball as an American sport and I wanted to see how that affects the American culture. Throughout the article they talk about how baseball could be seen similar to American culture in the individuality aspect. It is also seen how the sport is related to the real …show more content…

In the article they talk about how the book was crated in such a way that it relates to American culture. The article explained on how baseball was such an individual sport in where you did everything usually individually. You had the pitcher and batter who controlled the whole game. Every position has their own responsibility and no one really counts on anyone else. Like they said on page 47 of the article “Individual achievements become the stuff to record books and legends.” The article also goes in a much deeper meaning to baseball as they talk about how Malamud is one of few authors to show baseball to be close to nature on page 49 of the article they say “baseball we may say takes its shape, its character, from the process of nature.” The article helps us understand how Malamud went on to creating this book. By incorporating how nature plays a big role in the way baseball is played. The seasons fit right in with baseball and the way it is played. In the article they mention how nature does not have a time to it and it controls what happens in life. This a great way to show how the game of baseball is played since the pitcher and batter control how the game will end and how there is no time in the game. Another important idea I believe the article brings up is that baseball is a sports in where age is not a big factor. Most sports the older you are the less active …show more content…

That is why I chose this article because it was different in a way of how we discussed. I feel we discussed on things we cared about and how it was similar to us, but we never saw how similar it was to the whole society. We did not go super in depth to the idea of baseball and how it relates to American culture. It is not just a sports book but also a life explainer. IT helps you understand how sports relate to our life’s and how they can change them for the good and bad. This article also helps understand on how authors go about on writing books. In this article it shows on why and how Malamud went on to writing this book and that is a discussion we never really had in class. We just kept asking based on the book why did he say this or that but never saw on why he created this book. We never saw the purpose on why he wrote the book the way he

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