Bernie Sanders In A Meritocratic Democracy

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“In a meritocratic democracy, people are selected for positions based on their personal merit, independent of their group memberships, affiliations, wealth, and connections. This is very far from the situation in the 21st century, including in the United States and other Western societies where personal merit is only one of many factors, and often not the most important one, determining the rise of people in the status hierarchy.” (Moghaddam) Currently, the American government does not show meritocracy because there are politicians who raise money for their campaigns using corrupt methods. As a result, these officials are not qualified for the job because they do not truly represent the issues that concern regular citizens. A shift towards …show more content…

Bernie Sanders is meritocratic because his experience in politics extends back to his days at the University of Chicago, where he earned an A.B. in political science: “While he was mayor of Burlington, Vermont, he inspired the Progressive Coalition and he is the longest-serving independent member of Congress in American history.” (CNN Library) In addition to this, he does not accept money from lobbyists or Super-Pacs which does not subject him to change his ideas or policies. He is meritocratic because his campaign is not unfairly funded and his stance on issues will not change because he does not accept …show more content…

The Nordic model impresses many of the democratic nations today because the meritocratic government works for the people and the politicians. The politicians are able to represent and serve the needs of the people as best as they can and the people are happy with their governments. The authors of Utopia Sustained agree that one of the factors which maintain a meritocracy in the Nordic countries is a “productive economy through high (and skilled) employment, the later hints at community cohesion and continuous attention to welfare reform, to ensure that services are kept not only fair and proportionate but also sustainable.” (Brandal, and Bratberg, and Einar) The Nordic model is successful because it puts so much attention into giving opportunities for the people to earn merit to become “high-skilled workers, and as a result they can maintain a productive economy and also be leaders in today's globalized world. America has to replicate this model so that politician’s campaigns are on the basis of merit and not affluence. When a politician is elected for their merit they will better represent the needs of the working class so that the working class has the opportunity to become skilled

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