Bernie Sanders Research Paper

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Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders was born September 8, 1941, in Brooklyn, New York. Additionally, he is the son of Polish Jewish immigrants who fled their country to escape the troubles of World War II (“Bernie Sanders”). Therefore, Sanders has very liberal ideals when it comes to politics and the issues he addresses mainly revolve around equality. For instance, Sanders has been ceaselessly working to implement more rights for women, lgbt members, and various minority groups. As a result, Sander’s campaign has been extremely popular not only amongst minorities, but also the youth of America. Furthermore, after high school Sanders enrolled in the University of Chicago and obtained his B.A in political science in 1964 (Jewish Virtual Library). Shortly afterward, he began traveling and working as a writer, documentary producer, and researcher which cultivated the foundation for his political career. During the early years of his political career, Sanders joined the anti-Vietnam War Liberty Union Party in Vermont and also ran in multiple elections for a seat in the U.S Senate (Jewish Virtual Library). …show more content…

Additionally, Sanders is running on a progressive platform, increasing taxes for the wealthy and expanding social services (Jewish Virtual Library). As a result of his political views and ambition, Sanders is currently polling in second place for the Democratic Party nomination. Not only, but during the Iowa caucuses, Sanders surpassed expectations and essentially tied with his opponent, Hillary Clinton (Jewish Virtual Library). Sander’s political endeavors have lead to a phenomenal chain-reaction among young voters which have not only enabled his message to be spread, but have also enabled his votes to be neck and neck with Hillary

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