Best Buy Is A Company Essay

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Best Buy is a US based multinational company that deals in consumer electronics goods. Headquarter of this company is in Richfield, Minnesota. This company operates in Canada and Mexico too. The specialty of the company is it works as a retailer that deals in consumer electronics goods, personal computers, entertainment software and appliances (City, 2010). The company was established in 1966 and that time it was Sound of Music and that time it is a public company and in 1983 it made Best Buy Co. Superstores and its founder was Richard M.Schulze. The numbers of its outlets are 1.050 in worldwide. The company earnings are $42.568 billion and its operating income is $2.375billion and the amount of its assets are around $14.421 billion and the amount of its total equity is $4.977 billion and around 125,000 people are working in its stores. Corporate Business of the firm • Operations of the company Best Buy sells the electronics goods and various type of merchandize like that are used by common people like home appliances(like washing machines, refrigerators, and dryers) along with these items they also sell variety of different goods like software, video games, video cameras, music items, VHS and VCRs cassettes, car stereos, mobile phones and digital cameras. This company provides different kind of non-commissioned environment for the sale of their products. Best Buy deals under the brand Greek Squad and provide the facility of computer repairing, warranty service, and also

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