Best Practices Of Pressure Ulcer Prevention Essay

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Best Practices in Pressure ulcer prevention Michaela P. Capulong For Kaplan University Nursing Care of the Older Adult NU416-02 Professor Barbara Gunderson November 17, 2015 Best Practices in Pressure ulcer prevention As cited by Jarvis (2012, p.203), “the skin is the sentry that guards the body from environmental stresses and adapt it to other environmental influences.” Maintaining the elderly patient’s skin integrity requires a holistic care approach. As a nurse, one of our best practices is performing a thorough skin assessment of the whole body of our patients. A detailed head-to-toe skin assessment and clear documentation can help the interdisciplinary team in generating individualize plan of care. I perform a thorough assessment by inspecting the patient’s skin color, temperature, texture, moisture, and for presence of wounds. I ensure that the information I obtained from the skin inspection is clearly documented in the patient’s chart and plan of care, and any skin changes are communicated to the physician or nurse practitioner. The main priority of the Veterans Affairs system is getting zero pressure ulcers. To achieve this goal, staff must be knowledgeable of the basic principles of skin disease, preventions, and treatments when providing care for the elderly patients. They provide education and training on the current evidenced-base practice on pressure ulcer preventions. The approach that has been effectively used is the care bundle (AHRQ, 2014). We
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