Between 2300 Bce To 476 Bce, Every One Of Those Regions

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Between 2300 BCE to 476 BCE, every one of those regions and empires displayed different levels of brutalities, but brutalities were always evident. Humans will always be brutal in warfare and will try to fix these brutalities with even more brutal policies and tactics. The nature of brutality is more brutality. This to be first seen in the Ancient Near East. In the Ancient Near East, their brutalities of warfare are centered on their beliefs in the supernatural power of the gods. Divination was an integral part of military planning. Oracles would let them know which military campaigns they should do based on the displeasures of the gods. The customs would include offerings to the gods to have good relations and a good campaign. Overall,…show more content…
Overall, there is a high level of cruelty in battle and would be carried on to captives. Old and Middle kingdom of Egypt would have extreme cruelty treatment of POWs, took part in martial cannibalism, and personal revenge is a positive moral consideration. The new kingdom showed a minor shift in thinking and during this time brutality became more of the exception than the rule. The treatment of captives would be better since it was more important to integrate into the Egyptian military. The pharaohs weren’t out to exterminate their enemies, but to take advantage and add to their army. In Egypt brutality is not regulated, but toned down in the new kingdom. In Israel and Judah warfare would be an integral part for the Jewish to reclaim their homelands. With warfare came several brutalities that would be illustrated in the book of Deuteronomy and Joshua. In the book of Deuteronomy, it describes the killings of entire populations in Gad after their capture, plunder the towns, and took whatever resources they had. This was all done with the support of God. In the book of Joshua, has the theme of rule and capture. It describes the brutalities that took place in capturing Jericho. Joshua would commit atrocities that involved exterminating everything in the city by sword. Both books, highlights the atrocities needed to reclaim their holy land. There is no evidence that there is any regulation on their warfare. Soon Israel would be taken over by the
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