Beyond The Grave Short Story

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Beyond the grave: The story of Sarah Marshall Simpson It’s been 180 years since her death yet Sarah Marshall Simpson is far from forgotten. From local urban legends, to alleged ghost spotting’s, the mystery that is Sarah Simpson lives on. At the young age of 24, Ms Simpson was brought to Australia from the United Kingdom aboard the vessel ‘Friendship’ in 1818. She was sentenced to seven years after being convicted of stealing a petticoat and silk stockings valued at two cents. Sarah served her sentence in New South Wales and as seen in The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, was granted a ticket of leave in 1823. She continued her life in Castlereagh where she met John Simpson aged 42, a too convicted criminal. The couple lived together and over a course of 11 years gave birth to eight children out of wedlock. After both Mr and Mrs Simpson were granted their freedom they lived a normal life unaware of the gruesome fate that awaited them. In December 1838, Ms Simpson was walking home and was attacked by a group of men who bashed and brutally murdered her. It is said that Mr Simpson married her at her graveside so that she could pass over without sin. Records show that Ms Simpson’s death was ruled as ‘suspicious’ and it is unknown as to whether the men were caught. Local legends believe that her spirit harasses young men who visit the old grave sight at night and several people have claimed that they have heard screaming or felt cold gushes of air.

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