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Intertwined. Bodies against the altar. Lips on her neck. Innocent eyes angled upwards, focused on the stained glass portrait of Jesus. He was watching her commit a sin, a deadly sin of lust. A prickling feeling rose in Faith’s stomach – this is so wrong – but the feeling of her lover’s lips seemed to make it feel so right.
The man lifted his gaze to hers; those brown, stormy eyes belonged to a man who had always told her right from wrong, and always spoke the words of God.
“My dear,” Father Cain’s voice was soft, calming, but he spoke quickly, “shall we leave now?” He was smiling with a lopsided grin, one cheek higher than the other. There was a knowing look in his eyes, dark, brooding, and cunning. Faith felt her face begin to burn, and …show more content…

“A way with words?” He asked, dazed.
“You see the words in the Bible as they were written. You understand the true meaning of the Scriptures and the morals they teach us. With the Bible behind you, you could ask anything of these people and they’d listen.”
Father Cain squinted at the man in front of him, and gave him a hearty handshake. “Thank you. That… means a lot to me.”
The following week, the girl dropped another twenty-dollar note into the collection basket.
As the basket made its way back to Father Cain, he noticed the amount of money in the woven container. There was spare change, as always, but also notes – at least five hundred dollars’ worth this time. His mind began to wander, to all the amazing things he could do if all the money was his – amazing luxuries, expensive technology, or a ticket to a place far away. The thought was tempting.
Father Cain’s eyes flickered to the portrait of Jesus, and then back to the money. He arched his neck to view his parish, and his eyes landed on the girl and her father – “With the Bible behind you, you could ask anything of these people and they’d listen.”
His blood started pumping faster as a thought crossed his mind – I could take the money for myself, just this time. Ask them to give more money, and that can be donated to charity. It’s not a sin, it’s not greed, and it’s not bad at all.
Without hesitating, he turned to face the people, back straight, chin to the sky.
“I am disappointed. What ever happened to

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