Biblical Worldview : The Education Field

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When taking into consideration the fact that all of mankind was created in the image of God, the way you interact with others and the way we conduct ourselves in any situation is of significant importance. “The standard is that a believer should conduct his life in this earthly world by the principles God has bestowed upon him in the heavenly world.” (Towns, 2007) This also becomes especially important when our profession is in the education field. Regardless of the title you hold within the education field the role you play in the student’s life can be significant. Therefore, it is our responsibility to be mindful of the fact that all mankind was created in His image so that our interactions, whether it be with our peers, the student’s parents or our students themselves, we are at our best.
Being in the education field can be quite remarkable, especially in Elementary education, as we are aiding in establishing the foundation for our student’s future. However, although working with young children is rewarding it comes with a great deal of responsibility. Knowing that all humankind are created in God’s image ensures that we will be respectful when interacting with not only their parents, but with our students as well, regardless of their economic, racial or religious backgrounds. We must lead by example and show our children how to love one another respectfully

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