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Feminism and The Big Bang Theory
In the two The Big Bang Theory episodes, “The Tangerine Factor” and “The Cognitive Regeneration”, there are feminist ideals being represented by the characters. In summary of the episode “The Tangerine Factor”, Penny says yes to going out with Leonard but is restless because he is different from the guys she usually dates. While in “The Cognitive Regeneration”, Penny and Leonard are seen dating until troubles arise as Penny’s ex-boyfriend appears. The ideal womanly traits are shown through Penny’s character; however, Penny’s role in the TV show seem to give her more of a feminist approach. At the same time, Leonard’s traits of masculinity are put into question due to his character but also creates a unique perspective on patriarchy. With an analysis of Penny’s character without watching the TV show, her personality would be characterized by her personality just by her looks. Penny, a main character from The Big Bang Theory, is a white, blonde female which arguably has many sexual politics prescribed by society even with just by being female. Basically, Penny would be characterized as sexy, dumb (not as smart as men), dependent, and beautiful just because she is blonde. This explains Melissa Leo’s argument in “Bad Feminist”. Melissa Leo talked about how humans are labeled right when they come into the world by their hair, gender, and ethnicity. With this, most stereotypes were created such as blondes are dumb and women should be paid less

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