A visit from the goon squad

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Sexism has been an ongoing issue since man has existed. Some have learned to accept and live with it while others simply will not accept it. Sexism fits into two different types of categories: Benevolent sexism and hostile sexism. In the novel A Visit from the Goon Squad, by Jennifer Egan, many of the characters are sexist towards women.Lou portrays both benevolent and hostile sexism while Bennie tends to portray hostile sexism only. Throughout the novel, Lou goes back and forth on how he treats women and his opinion on women. From the beginning of the novel, it is clear that sexism is an issue. Bennie is the first character that we see a clear sexist approach from. “The Mother Superior leaned forward…show more content…
Shortly after Lou discovers that Mindy cheated on him, he marries her. This situation is very common in today’s society. When a woman cheats on her husband or boyfriend, the man treats it like a game. For them, it’s a competition for power. Lou asked Mindy to marry him because in that case, Lou would be gaining his power back and feel superior in the relationship once again. Mindy doesn’t finish school and decides to get married to Lou instead because it is believed that men’s power secures a high status. Even though Mindy doesn’t realize, Lou is now holding more power again. This situation between Lou and Mindy them portrays benevolent sexism. Sexism has been and will always be an ongoing issue between men and women. It is something that happens when a person does not even realize it. Lou and Bennie both know that some of their actions or words might be very hostile and sexist. Although they realize some of their actions, other times they don’t, or think they are positive, which shows their actions to be benevolent sexism. Both Bennie and Lou have also proved the theories mentioned in the article, “Ambivalent Sexism.” The way men and women treat each other will always be a competition for the higher
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