Big Dat Data Redorage And Management Of Peter Mayer Advertising

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Data storage and management technologies have recently begun to surge in popularity. Businesses want to learn how to implement the best ways to store, maintain, capitalize on the copious amounts of data that their products, consumers, services, etc. generate. With that being said, organizing and measuring data has proven to be quite difficult despite present-day technological innovations. The term “Big data” has emerged and Apache Hadoop, or Hadoop, technology uses a set of algorithms to process large clusters of data (Kelly, 2014).
This report serves as documentation of research conducted on the benefits and barriers of Apache Hadoop as well as a proposal to the management of Peter Mayer Advertising to implement the Apache …show more content…

Benefits & Barriers of Implementing Hadoop At Peter Mayer
Below is an examination of the benefits and barriers of implementing Hadoop to restructure the big data of Peter Mayer Advertising to increase the agency’s network security, overall profit, and consumer satisfaction.

Barriers of Implementing Hadoop at Peter Mayer
Data Misidentification
Leveraging the value of data can be extremely complicated. If the data at Peter Mayer is misidentified, then determining the best ways to go about using the agency’s big data could prove to be very ambiguous and or difficult to articulate.

Workforce Availability
Qualified professionals that are able work on new technologies and to interpret data are limited. “Big Data” is a relatively new concept, consequently, there is a shortage of experts that can interpret the information of a business like Peter Mayer’s to get understanding of what the agency’s needs are.

Data Access and Connectivity
Many institutions, businesses, organizations, companies, etc. lack the correct technologies and software to manage and aggregate their data. While there are organizations that are working to providing lasting solutions, this is a problem that could hinder the implementation of Hadoop at Peter Mayer Advertising.

Changing Technical Patterns

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