Big Dat Marketing And Sales Technology

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Big Data: Marketing and Sales Technology Introduction ‘Big Data’ is a new innovation. Processing big data and converting it into useful information can result in many benefits to a company such as increase its profitability, improve their business practice. Companies do spend lots of resources to harness this new technology. “Google Spent $7.3 Billion on its Data Centers in 2013. (Miller, 2013)” Big Data is regularly being generated by our activities such as surfing internet, using social media, blogs etc. Every digital process leaves a trail of information about consumers and their behaviour. These consumer behaviour and purchasing patterns can be used to visualize information. The big companies use big data to improve their customer’s …show more content…

What is ‘Big Data?’ Understanding what big data means is really simple.” It is being generated by everything around us at all times. Every digital process and social media exchange produces it. Systems, sensors and mobile devices transmit it” (Big Data Analytics).Big data is being produced by everyone and every day that finding ways way to manage this data is becoming a challenge. It arrives from multiple sources or touch points such as websites, social media or apps on smart phones at a high velocity, volume and variety. “All kinds of technologies or approaches including mobile devices, remote sensing technologies, software logs, wireless sensor networks, social media etc. are used by organizations to collect big data. (issue, 2013)” Now that the meaning of ‘big data’ is clear, it’s important to know that this information is useless unless it’s processed properly with the right tools. To extract meaningful value from big data companies spends fortune; it requires optimal processing power, analytics capabilities and skills. Big data refers to the growing data a company experiences but this data has to be managed and processed to convert it into useful information. For example, a company XYZ just launched an e-commerce website and its receiving a

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