Big Dat Marketing And Sales Technology

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Big Data: Marketing and Sales Technology
‘Big Data’ is a new innovation. Processing big data and converting it into useful information can result in many benefits to a company such as increase its profitability, improve their business practice. Companies do spend lots of resources to harness this new technology. “Google Spent $7.3 Billion on its Data Centers in 2013. (Miller, 2013)” Big Data is regularly being generated by our activities such as surfing internet, using social media, blogs etc. Every digital process leaves a trail of information about consumers and their behaviour. These consumer behaviour and purchasing patterns can be used to visualize information. The big companies use big data to improve their customer’s acquisition, retaining existing customers and enhance customer relations. There is no universally accepted definition but big data can be defined as information pool gathered by a company that can be used to see trends in of consumer purchasing behaviour and forecast how consumers will behave in future. “Big data can be of a great value, which is beyond all doubt, as long as a company knows how to process all this information. From the perspective of the information (IT) industry, big data is a new big thing after the internet (Big data: The next frontier, 2011).” “Big data has been essentially changing and transforming the way we live, work, and think (Xiaolong Jin, 2015) . The significance of big data can be measured in various…

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