Big Data And Its Impact On The Improvement And Availability Of Data

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ABSTRACT Big data is a popular term used to describe the improvement and availability of data in both structured and unstructured formats. Structure data is located in a fixed field within a record or file and it is present in the relational data bases and spreadsheets whereas an unstructured data file includes text and multimedia contents. The primary objective of this big data concept is to describe the extreme volume of data sets i.e. both structured and unstructured. It is further defined with three “V” dimensions namely Volume, Velocity and Variety, and two more “V” also added Value and Veracity. Volume refers to the amount of data, Velocity depends upon the speed of the data processing, Variety is described with the types of the …show more content…

Velocity defines the continuous arrival of data streams; from this we can obtain the useful information. Furthermore improved through-put, connectivity and enhanced computing speed of digital devices has not only fastened the production of data but also the retrieval and processing of the data. Veracity provides the quality and provenance of the information in the face of data uncertainty from many different places. There are changes in the structure of the data and how users want to interpret that data. Variety indicates how to handle different types of data, i.e. source data has become diverse and complex because it includes not only structured traditional relational data but it also includes quasi-structured, semi-structured and unstructured data such as text, sensor data, audio, video, graph and many more type. Value is essential to get the economic value of different data which varies significantly. The primary challenge here is to identify which are valuable and the way to perform transformation and the technique to be applied to perform data analysis and from this we get the required knowledge [1]. Big data has three types of knowledge discovery; they are novelty discovery, class discovery and association discovery. Novelty discovery is used to find a new, rare one, previously undiscovered and unknown from a billion or trillion objects or events. Class discovery finds new classes of objects and behavior and association discovery is

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