Big Five Personality Traits And Self Leadership

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Big Five personality Traits and Self-Leadership Introduction Understanding how I perceive myself has been my own biggest mystery. Leading successfully requires deep insight about the leader and how effectively communication is used to arrive at the intended goal. However, the idea of self-leadership delves a bit further into the personal psyche of the individual in order to manage personal behaviors of the individual person leading. I personally, have had several challenges when called to lead and have often had to do some self-reflecting and soul searching in order to properly assess the success or failure of the situation. Recently, I learned that how I see myself and other’s perception of me are not the same. For instance, I was once told that I seemed to be an outgoing and rambunctious person with a lot of energy. I don’t see myself as this type of person. I am usually the quiet reserved loner who offers to help when needed. Though I come from a large family, I don’t typically prefer large crowds but do prefer to plan activities far enough in advance in order to properly prepare for certain types of activities. Five dimensions In order to learn more about my personality according to the Big Five, I completed a self- assessment geared towards explaining certain elements of individual personality. The results of this assessment were displayed in the IPIP-Neo Report and described brief descriptions of five different areas of the human personality. The general results
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