The Big Five Personality Traits

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Of the Big Five personality traits, I scored highest on neuroticism. I compared myself to my friend. My friend scored highest on extraversion. I scored lowest on extraversion, whereas my friend scored lowest on agreeableness. I was somewhat surprised at my results that my friend received. However, I was not surprised by my results. I am a typically anxious person, so I knew I would probably score high on neuroticism. However, I thought my friend would score higher on agreeableness. I don’t agree with some of these because I believe that my friend falls a little higher on the agreeableness, while I believe we both fall a little higher on the openness scale. I also believe there is more to a person’s personality than that. There are several ways in which the uniqueness of each individual can be portrayed by just a few traits. A lot of times, trait psychologists use the Big Five to measure someone’s personality just because it’s a simple, convenient way to do it. Another reason psychologists often use the Big Five to measure personality traits is because it seems to capture every possible trait that there could be in a person’s personality. According to the book, it’s easier to use the Big Five because it’s like a radio: would you rather have dozens of radio stations with decent sound or only a few radio stations with amazing sound quality? Of course, most people would want the option of having a few radio stations with the amazing sound quality. Therefore, trait

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