Bike Program Failure

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The reason the first bike program that was initiated by Berea College failed was because appropriate supervision and planning were not done properly to secure the bikes from thievery and part salvaging. Potentially, the new method of handling for the Berea bike program to surpass its predecessor in terms of preventing thefts and non-returns is more likely to succeed while still allowing students to be able to use bikes which was the intended plan of the first program. As previously stated, the bike program was unsuccessful was because it was not well thought out enough, and allowed for kids of puerile behavior to take advantage of the system. The reason this happened, (according to some criminological theories) could be explained by theories…show more content…
The definition of Disorganization theory as stated by the book is, “social disorganization is the inability of a community to regulate itself. (Bursik and Grasmick, 1995). It is also mentions in the Explaining Crime book, “Social disorganization is maintained by a group’s commitment to social rules; when this commitment breaks down, social control breaks down.” As per the fact that the first attempt failed, it can be inferred that the group of Berea college “commitment” did indeed break down. With ecological changes at Berea, (Ex. New incoming freshman class) this can cause some problems. One problem with leaving the bikes in the hands of students for large amounts of time; was that it made bikes easier targets for delinquents to vandalize. While giving locks is a good option, it can be worked around. They can cut through them or they can just commit larceny and strip whatever they wanted to off of the bikes. On the other hand, including this new program of Berea Bike Share would help in preventing social disorganization. This is because it would not be loaned out for an extremely long amount time, and would be stored under Berea protection instead of a basic bike rack. And incentive is provided to return the bikes bike instead of abandoning them because a fee will be incurred if it is late. Also the wheels will be locked when the bike is returned so therefore if something is stolen, the student who stole it will be responsible for any
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