Bikram Yoga and Body Fitness

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Body fitness is a state asserted to be highly essential in ensuring healthy living. It often realized through regular physical exercises. Yoga is a technique that may be deemed an old means of working out however recently most people adopt its use in as a way of ensuring they stay fit and in shape. For instance, most sports personalities have added yoga to their working out strategies. Similarly actors use the work out approach to ensure they stay in shape. These factors along with my other yoga experiences have had me acknowledge the essence of Yoga as perceived by the diverse individuals. On Sunday April 13, 2014 , I attended Bikram Yoga class for my yoga exercises known as hot yoga in Bikram yoga Montreal from 5:00pm to around 6:45 pm. This session turned out to be an intense form of yoga practice because of the high heat .Initially, what I knew of yoga was that it was only essential in ensuring physical fitness. However attending the Bikram yoga class profoundly changed how I view and understand yoga. Bikram yoga is done in an environment of a humidity of 40% with a temperature of close to 42 C degrees . During this session, an individual is expected to shed off any heavy clothing and let the heat rise until they feel it is hot enough. I saw the instructor turn on the fans sometimes but I didn’t feel it. I was wearing long sleeves so I felt very hot and a bit dizzy; we couldn’t drink water unless the instructor allowed us. The primary factors

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