Fourth Of July Essay

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The Fourth of July reminds us all of the momentous birth, and evolution, of the United States of America. We celebrate with fireworks, barbecues, and American flags hung high with pride. It should also be a time where we show respect, and gratitude, to those who came before us paving the way for generations to come. An awe-inspiring moment in history, the Fourth of July should always act as a reminder to us all of the power of freedom, and opportunity.

Deemed the “land of opportunity,” by those who emigrated to America, it is only natural that as our country grew, so to would the development of new concepts, introduction of new practices, and influence from outside nations. While it may not be common knowledge, the concept, and practice, of yoga was introduced to the United States just over 100 years after the Declaration of Independence …show more content…

With a deep connection to nature, Henry David Thoreau author, philosopher, and poet, was sometimes described as a bit of a recluse. In his time spent in solitude at Walden Pond in 1847 he found peace in the quiet. Huffington Post reports, “he didn't do yoga poses, but his embrace of meditation, which would have been very odd in his day, is impressive.”
The Power Of Speech

“Yoga Pioneers,” as Yoga Journal calls them, are those responsible for first introducing yoga—and subsequently making yoga what it is today in America. One of the pioneers Yoga Journal refers to is Swami Vivekananda, of India. Swami Vivekananda had the opportunity to speak before the World Parliament of Religions—despite not being invited to do so—and, as Huffington Post puts it, he “stole the show.” His presentation left quite an impression, and “soon after he became a sought-after guru to Americans eager to learn about the yama and niyamas, pranayama and Kundalini,” according to Huffington Post.
The Early

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