Bill Clinton, A Good President?

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Bill Clinton a good president? As we see throughout history many people ignorant to many accomplishments presidents have, and only remember them for their assassinations or their scandals. Bill Clinton to many people is viewed as bad president over his scandalous affair with Monica Lewinsky. However Clinton was deeply involved in his Baptist Church, and once said “"Religious faith has permitted me to believe in the continuing possibility of becoming a better person every day, to believe in the search for complete integrity in life." Although Clinton had an affair, that didn’t affect his ability to govern the United States. Many people overlook the several accomplishments that he did for the United States of America because of that simple mistake that he had in his marriage. One of the several things Bill Clinton did was he reduced the crime rate. The crime rate fell every year that Clinton was president and was at a 26-year low by the end of his two terms. He also got funding to employ 100,000 nationwide. One very important thing that he bills that he signed was the Brady Bill was required a waiting period and a background check to purchase handguns, and in 1994 his Crime Bill included a ban on assault weapons which lead to a 40 percent decline in gun crime by 2001. Clinton was a strong supporter of modernizing the US military, which led to increased technology and efficiency. His administration focused on precision weapons and GPS technology, to reduce collateral
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