Bill Cosby Biography

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If I could add a person to the book of black history, it would be Bill Cosby. His importance to the African American history is vastly underestimated. He’s more than a comedian. He’s more than an entertainer. He is a trailblazer whose accomplishments will forever be encrypted into the African American culture.
Bill Cosby was among the first blacks to rise in entertainment. He made millions laugh and his passion ignited something more than just a new era of comedy. His shows were not just for a comical view. It taught independence, individuality, equality, and educated the nation on the importance of knowledge. For example, in his hit television broadcast “The Cosby Show”, it spoke to racism and class in the 1980s. Bill Cosby did something …show more content…

His attempt was put on hold. In 2015, Bill Cosby pursued the idea of his TV network once more and again sexual assault crimes were brought up but this time he was charged.Comparatively, I am not saying that the accusations or neither correct or false, I am saying it is very convenient that every time he endeavors on his ambitious ideas he gets the opportunity taken away. His entertainment is not just for amusement. His show teaches valuable lessons, encourages the progression of learning knowledge, and uplifting black and white communities around the world. He was not being racist or insincere to the white people. He was opening the eyes of millions and bringing attention to the real problems in …show more content…

In spite of the poor decisions he has made, he is a wonderful man who created benefits and time after time has exposed the truth to many white and African American communities. It is because of his consciousness to the system that many Americans are aware of the faults in our system. The Pledge of Allegiance of the United States of America states “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Be perspective of what goes on in our world. There is no liberty and justice for all yet. Cosby raised awareness and is just as essential to black history timeline as any other civil rights leader. Hopefully, in today’s society, we will come to appreciate all the great accomplisments this man has

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